All new tents are warranted against manufacturing defects. This warranty is for one year. Defects are limited to any defect which is a result of the manufacturing process. This warranty does not imply, or express coverage for any damage done to tents as a result of normal wear and tear, or storm damage. Excluded as well, are pin holes, punctures or abrasions which can and do occur during shipping, storage and handling. Additionally, and specifically, rope burns caused by pulling the center pole rope out from under the tent while the tent is still rolled up in a roll will not be covered under this warranty. The proper way to untie the tent section and avoid rope burns is clearly stated in the "warning" label included with each tent.


Common Damage Types and Causes

Pin holes. Pin holes are tiny holes which can only be seen from underneath when tent is installed. They are not large enough to allow leakage of water, but do allow sunlight to shine through the material. Normally these are caused by the tent coming into contact with objects on the ground such as...

  • Gravel or rocks
  • Grass burrs & twigs
  • Asphalt & Concrete


Abrasions. Abrasions are caused when any object is allowed to rub against the tent material. Abrasions are commonly caused by...

  • Handling the tent section while it is rolled up, and allowing to move against another surface.
  • Loading and unloading the tent section.
  • Sliding the open section around on the ground for positioning.
  • Rope burns. Pulling a rope out from under a tent section and letting the rope build up friction against the tent material
  • Snags, Tears and Cuts. This damage is usually caused by handling the tent section while it is rolled up, and allowing it to move against another surface.
  • Loading and unloading the tent section.
  • Moving the unfolded section across a sharp item which is underneath the tent prior to raising tent.
  • Tent being punctures by a pole pin other sharp object.

None of these damage types are covered under warranty. Our warranty only covers manufacturing defects. All the types of damage described above are the normal result of handling when extreme care is not used to prevent damage. Each tent comes with a patching kit which is to be used for repairing minor damages such as those described above.


Shipping Liability

Once a shipment has been picked up by the freight carrier, Butler Signature has no control over the timely delivery of the shipment, or damages which may occur. Butler Signature cannot guarantee that a shipment will be delivered on time as promised by the freight carrier. If your shipment is damaged, please do not sign the shipping papers as being "received in good order". Make a note of the damage on the bill of lading which the truck driver asks you to sign. Also have the driver sign the bill of lading and acknowledge the damage. We will do all we can to assist you if your shipment is damaged. However, if you do not make a note of the damage on the bill of lading, we cannot file a claim for damages.


**Tent poles can be damaged by the freight company during shipping. Damaged poles are not covered in any way for factory exchange. A claim must be filed with the shipper to collect for damages done to poles.


Exchange Policy

All purchases are final. Butler Signature Events does not have a buy back or refund program. Exchanges can only be made in the event of manufacturing defect. Returns without prior authorization will be refused. Exchange will not be authorized without photographic proof of the alleged defect. The required format for photographic evidence is digital. If defect is deemed by manufacturer to be a non manufacturing defect such as abrasion, pin holes, cuts or tears which are the result of shipping, handling or storage the product in question will not be approved as a warranty exchange. Shipping arrangements for returning any tent are the sole responsibility of the customer. Freight charges for shipping the tent back to manufacturer must be prepaid by the customer. Freight charges for replacement tents must be prepaid to Butler Signature Events by the customer before a replacement tent or part can be sent to the customer.


Custom Order Policy

Butler Signature Events is happy to do custom orders for its customers. A Custom Order is defined as; any size not listed on our web site, or any color combination which requires us to special order materials. Custom orders must be paid for in advance prior to any purchase of materials needed for said custom order. All purchases are final on custom orders and no refunds will be given on any custom order. The Cancellation Policy does not pertain to or apply to custom orders.


Required Permits

Butler Signature Events has no knowledge of applicable city or county building or tent permits in your area. It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to investigate applicable permit requirements in their area prior to purchasing their tent.



Tents are as water tight as they can possibly be made. However, a tent by nature does allow some leakage. The side walls are removable by design. This tends to allow water to enter where the walls are connected to tent during windy conditions. Also, sectional or expandable type tents are designed with a lace line which connects the sections together. The lace line is covered by a weather flap, which helps to minimize leakage. However, some leakage can and will occur directly underneath the lace lines.


Cancellation Policy

All purchases which are canceled prior to being shipped with incur a re-stocking fee. The restocking fee is 20% of the purchase price.