Sidewalls can significantly enhance the appearance of a tent. They serve serval different purposes allowing your tent to be multi- functional. They can improve the view, as well as allow natural light, protect against insects, hide unsightly areas, regulate temperature and create a special ambiance. Sidewalls are offered in Solid, Cathedral Windows, and Mesh. Sidewalls can be used all in one style or mix and match styles to fit your specific needs


Cathedral Sidewalls

Cathedral sidewalls have arched windows which can transform a traditional tent into an elegant tent. Cathedral window sidewalls will allow natural light to enter the tent and also give your guest the ability to see outside the tent.


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Solid Sidewalls

Solid sidewalls are muli-functional and are ideal for keeping unsightly views from your guest such as landscaping not nicely groomed or to isolate certain areas used for event preparations, and give caterers, waiters, and other staff members the privacy they need to provide the logistical support for your event while remaining out of sight. Also, in cold weather solid sidewalls in conjunction with tent heaters will help insulate your tent and keep your guest of the cold.


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Mesh Sidewalls

Mesh sidewalls are screened and designed to allow airflow freely through tent and also used to keep annoying insects at bay.


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