Safety is the upmost importance for any event.




Tent safety warning
Tent may become unsafe in high winds. Do not remain inside during windstorm. Vacate immediately! Beware of tent stakes, chains, and concrete blocks. Not responsible for accidents in or around tent.



Ground preparation
The first measure our production crew takes installing a tent is to layout it flat on the ground. The area should be clear of obstructions before we arrive for installation. In mutual manner, the tent must be totally empty before we can take it down. Fees will be applied if these policies are not met. The tent crew must be notified of any under ground water, electrical or sewage lines. Tent can not be set up in or around overhead power lines. It is the customer's responsibility to locate and mark all utility lines before tent crew arrives for installation. We recommend customer call 811 (Texas one call). Must call 14 days to 48 hours before installation.



Asphalt installation
Erecting a tent on an asphalt surface is a routine operation requiring that we drive rebar stakes approximately 4’long and 1” in diameter through the surface. We fill the holes with ready-mix concrete immediately after the stakes are removed. There will be minimal damage to the asphalt. If concrete is under asphalt, client will be charged the concrete drilling fee of $6.50 per hole.



Concrete installation
When a pole tent is installed on a concrete surface, stakes cannot be used. We must drill holes through the concrete and screw in eye-bolts. Ratchet straps are attached to the eye-bolts to anchor the tent. Upon removal, of the eye –bolts Butler Signature Events will refill holes with ready mix concrete. We charge $6.50 per hole for this service.



Concrete blocks
250 lb square concrete blocks are used to anchor frame style tents that cannot be staked.


6. Permits
City of Corpus Christi fire prevention requires clients to obtain a fire permit. The cost is the responsibility of the client. However, Butler Signature Events can assist client in making necessary arrangements.